Comfrey for a thriving urban homestead

Today, I harvested some of our comfrey to transplant and prepare for making fertilizing tea.

Comfrey is a popular permaculture plant, for its excellent bioaccumulating of minerals and nutrients from soils, which can serve multiple purposes in and outside our home.

I transplanted a few leafy stems and rhizomes to spread under our apple and peach trees. They will offer new sustenance for our trees and we will enjoy the fruits of their labors. 🙂

I then coppiced a lush clump of comfrey (from under our cherry tree) for the fertilizing tea. Before placing in a five-gallon bucket, I prefer to chop the comfrey to hasten its decomposition and allow for more nutrients and goodness to leach from within.

I filled with water to the top and set aside for about three weeks. The result will be a stinky, wonderful liquid plant food which we will use around our gardens and shrubs – any where we wish to add a burst of energy for our summer providers.

I’ll add the remnants of the comfrey tea to our compost, to add further benefit to our soil-making efforts.

There you have it – get outside, plant some comfrey (easy to harvest rhizome from a friend) and charge your garden with nutrient-packed comfrey.

Social workers – show your clients and efforts of empowering people and communities with food, soil, and nutrient security!

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